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  • Webinar: Winning in Latin America [S]
  • WebCall : Target and Canada [S]
  • Walmart Facebook App as CRM  [O]
  • Turkey Retail Market Update [S]
  • Russia Retail Market Update [S]
  • Connected by RetailNet Group [O]
  • by RetailNet Group [O]
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Webcast: Winning in Latin America [S]
RetailNet Group will be conducting a complementary webcast for subscriber clients TODAY Friday October 14 th from 10AM-11AM EST.

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WebCall - Target and Canada [S]
Sign up and participate in this opportunity to get the latest on Target and Canada in this web conference call. This is intended as an opportunity to engage with RNG's analyst via Q&A. Friday October 21st at 10AM 

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RNG Webinar Series - some subscriber only and some open to the public. Go to to see the list on the bottom left of the RetailNet Group  home page

Walmart's Facebook App as CRM Strategy  [O]
Walmart announced and launched a new program through Facebook called My Local Walmart - this program enables shoppers to get tailored offerings and visibility into deals at their local Walmart. One of many changes coming on the digital side of Walmart. Walmart Facebook App

Retail Market Update: Turkey [S]
RNG recently updated the Turkey retailer database. Turkey is an emerging economy but is in the midst of an economic crisis. Thus, RNG recognizes Turkey’s growth potential but is cautious with our forecasts because it is classified as an “impaired market”.  Turkey Update

Retail Market Update: Russia [S]
RNG recently updated the Russian retailer database. Russia is a rapidly growing emerging market where chain retail is developing and gaining share of formal retail.  Russia Update

Connected by RetailNet Group [O]
Through the Connected blog we will share forward thinking insights on mobile, social, e-commerce, insights and analytics, and more-- as well as what it all means to retailers and brands. These real-time insights and perspective on technology's impact on retail will also provide readers with a real-time connection to us and to each other through comments. Check out some of our latest posts:

Amazon's Quidsi and the Importance of Online Category Specialists

How Amazon's Kindle Fire is trouble for other retailers. - Where Retailers Begin Store Innovation [O]
RetailNet Group’s team of retail analysts visit stores around the globe and gain insights on developing trends among the world’s leading retailers. We hope to relay our findings from the field to you through this blog. Check out some of our recent posts:

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FMI Private Brands Summit Presentation:  Retailing in a Digital World

FMI Private Brands Summit Presentation: Store Network Development

PMA Digital Shopper Marketing Summit

Walmart Global Update and STEIP Drivers

Retailer Merger and Acquisition Scenarios for Latin America

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Winning in Latin America

Join us today for a complimentary webcast for subscribers  on Friday October 14th 2011 at 10AM-11AM EST 

RNG will discuss the critical success factors in this dynamic market

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Meet the Analyst on Target and Canada 

Join us for a complimentary "web call" where the analysts for Target and Canada will discuss key retail strategies and forecasts as well as take your questions. This is your opportunity to get to know the RNG team.   Friday October 21th 2011  10AM-11PM EST.

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Central Market - Dallas, TX
Party City - Dallas, TX
Tom Tumb - Dallas, TX
FoodLion - Raleigh, NC
Aldi - Raleigh, NC
JC Penney - NYC, NY
Aldi - Indianapolis, IN
Kroger - Indianapolis, IN
Marsh - Indianapolis, IN
7-Eleven - Seattle, WA
Sears Hardware - San Jose, CA
The Dog Company - Dallas, TX
"R" Superstore - Prussia, PA
Lululemon Athletica - Dallas, TX
Harris Teeter - Charleston, SC
PetSmart - St Louis MO
Petco -Poway, CA
CW Price - Somerville, MA

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Media Markt - Dusseldorf, DE
Homebase - Aylesford, UK
B&Q - Aylesford, UK
Supermarche G20 - Avignon, France
Carrefour City - Paris, France
Simply Market - Avignon, France
Franprix - Paris, France
Lidl - Avignon, France
Grand Frais - Paris, France 
Dia - Paris, France 
Carrefour - Cluj, Romania
Auchandrive - Paris, France
HEB - Monterrey, Mexico